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It is Well- Redemptive Suffering

A few weeks ago, I went to lunch with a priest who is a very good friend of mine. We went to Crying Eagle to talk about life & catch up. We sat outside because it felt good; Lake Charles had a cold front (yes, anything under 85 degrees is a cold front in Louisiana)….

Unveiling the Mystery of the Love of God

The hardest penance I have ever received was when the priest told me to go sit in the church for as long as it took for me to look and see myself from God’s perspective (Take that in for a second). He didn’t say to meditate on how God loved me unconditionally. He didn’t tell…

Only You Can Suffer This Much

“But rejoice to the extent that you share in the sufferings of Christ, so that when his glory is revealed you may also rejoice exultantly.” 1 Peter 4:13   I was in the chapel at a retreat feeling a bit nauseated for some reason. All of a sudden, the phrase, “Only you can suffer this…

A Message for Men (And Women, We Know You’re Reading This Too)

“In every romance there must be the three characters: there must be the Princess, who is a thing to be loved; there must be the Dragon, who is a thing to be fought; and there must be St. George, who is a thing that both loves and fights.” –G.K. Chesterton *Disclaimer* I will never be…

Silence movie poster

10 Takeaways from Silence

For months people have asked me if I was going to see the movie Silence, and I always said no. There is no need for me to entertain the possibility that God might ask me to do something immoral so that a greater good can come from it. St. Paul settled that matter long ago…

The Message

“These Three Remain” Series: The Greatest of These Is Love

“Pray Like a Saint” Series: The Art of Conversation

Sunday Message on the Gospel- Third Sunday of Easter

While we are unable to meet for Sunday liturgies, Fr. Long will share a reflection on the Gospel each week. Please know of our prayers and support going forward. Our Lady of Good Counsel and Cowboy Catholics remain dedicated to the mission to form lifelong disciples. We are working on ways to aid in spiritual…

“He Shall Be Called” Series: Emmanuel- God with us