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More About that “Resurrection” Thing

It’s still Easter! Such an earth-shattering, universe-changing event deserves lots of attention. Especially since many people, including Catholics, misunderstand what we mean by “resurrection.” It is much more than the living-on of Jesus’ soul after death, and much more than a spirit that moves in our midst even today. The Scriptures witness to Jesus’ BODY…

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Fr. Long’s Tips to Discerning a Vocation

This list is by no means exclusive, but it can capture for you a “discerning outlook.” The basic rule is this: drive the car. God will steer, but He can’t steer if you’re parked. Don’t just stand there, do something!   (The top three are the most essential.)   1.) Regular Prayer before the Most…

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10 Takeaways from Silence

Silence movie poster

For months people have asked me if I was going to see the movie Silence, and I always said no. There is no need for me to entertain the possibility that God might ask me to do something immoral so that a greater good can come from it. St. Paul settled that matter long ago…

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