“These Three Remain”Series: Mercy is a Gift

By Allie Livingston / September 19, 2017 /
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“These Three Remain” Series: Divine Charity

By Allie Livingston / September 18, 2017 /
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“These Three Remain” Series: What do you hope for?

By Allie Livingston / September 6, 2017 /
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Beauty is Useless

By Randall Edwards / September 5, 2017 /

Now before you close this page and question if I’ve gone off the deep end, allow me to explain — this is a blog after all. Oscar Wilde famously stated, “All art is quite useless.” I think he would agree with my previous statement that I have derived from his words. The heart of his…

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Longing For Happiness

By Stephen Carrier / August 31, 2017 /

We live in a society of resistance. I’m not talking about political nonsense. We are people that are constantly resisting, and unfortunately, too often we resist what is good for us. We resist going to the doctor for checkups, knowing that making sure our body is healthy is a good thing. We resist getting up…

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“These Three Remain” Series: Faith Has Data

By Allie Livingston / August 31, 2017 /
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Discernment

By Allie Livingston / August 21, 2017 /

­During this time as young adults, we face so many decisions. “What’s should I choose as a major?” “Should I go to graduate school?” “Should I marry this guy/girl?” We constantly have to remind ourselves that God’s plan is LITERALLY infinitely better than what we can plan for ourselves. Fr. Trey Ange shares with us…

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Is there room for Jesus on Greek Street?

By Nicole Galvan / August 9, 2017 /

+JMJ+ To all of the women that have had even one thought cross their mind about going through sorority recruitment, PLEASE. Hear me out. Whether you are totally in and ready to receive a bid from the chapter of your dreams, or you are on the fence of signing up because you are afraid of…

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The World Needs Your Femininity

By Brandi Bellard / August 1, 2017 /

+JMJ+ The World Needs Your Femininity “The world does not need what women have. It needs what women are.” Edith Stein Ladies, the world is thirsting for your femininity. Our culture’s attempt to dive into the mystery that is womanhood has led to an understanding of femininity that is deeply impoverished. You are a gift,…

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Life is Puzzling, Isn’t It?

By Jenna Hacker / July 19, 2017 /

“We would be in grave danger were we unable to recognize the richness in each human person.” -Saint John Paul II from “A Meditation on Givenness” I LOVE meeting people. I get nervous sometimes because I am hyper aware of awkward situations, but I still LOVE meeting people. Why? You may ask. Well, I enjoy…

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