Free to Love

By Elise Ange Carrier / February 11, 2019 /

What is the secret to an authentic, Christ centered relationship? Freedom As a newly married couple, Stephen and I have both been unraveling the mysteries of the grace that flows from entering the covenant of marriage. We’ve been experiencing the many fruits and blessings that have come from the years of striving to have our…

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Awake My Soul

By Courtney LeBlanc / September 26, 2018 /

A reflection from Cowboy Awakening #69 I attended this retreat to fight for my life.   There have been many obstacles that I have faced in life but I have always felt like the obstacles in front of me were extremely rigorous. Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you felt unqualified…

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5 Steps to Tackling Stress like the Saints

By Allie Livingston / May 1, 2018 /

When I was still in school I would often think to myself, “there’s no way I’m going to get through this week.” As finals approached I would have a semester’s worth of my online class to finish in 3 days, 2 papers to write, several tests to study for AND I had to sleep, go…

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The Choice is Yours

By Alyssa Foreman / April 20, 2018 /

At one point or another, every young adult experiences a time of dreadful uncertainty, or what I like to call a mid-college crisis. Questions of doubt plague you constantly: Did I choose the right major? What if I don’t pick the right vocation? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing with my life? As…

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Fr. Long’s Tips to Discerning a Vocation

By Father Long / April 18, 2018 /

This list is by no means exclusive, but it can capture for you a “discerning outlook.” The basic rule is this: drive the car. God will steer, but He can’t steer if you’re parked. Don’t just stand there, do something!   (The top three are the most essential.)   1.) Regular Prayer before the Most…

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Mercy Week Mission

By Gunnar Gerard Goodwin / April 17, 2018 /

Mercy Week Mission A Reflection by Gunnar Goodwin I’ve never done anything exciting for spring break. Although I’ve always wanted to, I’ve never gotten around to planning a trip. Well, this year was no different. I had no plans for Spring break. Meanwhile, some of my friends were encouraging me to go to the Mercy…

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Wiping the Face of Jesus in our Midst

By Abby Richard / March 28, 2018 /

Recently, I had the opportunity to help a friend of mine who has been on a long journey. He had a painful blister on his foot and he was taking a rest. He was sitting alone on the side of the hill and I could see the pain in his face. I saw his suffering…

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Newman Lecture Series: Sexual Ethics and the Sexual State

By Cowboy Catholics / March 26, 2018 /
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Women of the Bible

By Abigail Guillory / March 21, 2018 /

When we think of the Bible, at least when I do, I call to mind Jesus’ interactions being primarily with men. I mean, Jesus’s twelve disciples were all men. This is a something that I just accepted for a while and never chose to put much thought into it. However, through Lenten journaling and my…

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Stepping Up Your Social Media Game for the Sake of the Kingdom

By Allie Livingston / March 6, 2018 /

If you know me, then you know how passionate I am about social media. Pictures, stories, captions, and live videos enable us to share with each other moments that showcase who we are and provide a platform for us to engage with the world. I tend to think of it as the new “public square,”…

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