Campus Ministry

Marching Home After the March


A Reflection on the March for Life 2018

By: Abigail Guillory

My experience at the March for Life this year was something I did not expect. This was my third time traveling to D.C. for the March and I thought I knew everything I needed to know about it. However, I was humbled once again by our Lord. I knew very little. I was reminded in subtle ways of how much the rest of the world needs every single one of us marching right up to the capital and placing our demands at its footsteps. As I was marching alongside my brothers and sisters from all over the country, and even the world, I felt so much pride. I was proud to be surrounded by others who were fighting the good fight. I took immense comfort in marching for a cause that aims to save the lives of others. I don’t see how we, as a country, can ever stand united while halting the growth of our fellow brothers and sisters.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that being in the city of Washington D.C empowered us. Standing in the heart of a nation with such rich history that our founders built placed a deeper desire in me to keep running with Jesus and fighting for what He is asking of us. Our nation was founded under God and it’s what we must continue to keep in this country if we have any hope of achieving peace. As I gazed at the grand monuments of all the people who changed the course of history to form our nation, I felt encouraged by their stories. Every single one of them had to speak boldly for what they believed in to make a change. Protesting isn’t something that screams comfort, but we’re being called to be uncomfortable. Whether it’s from sleeping on the floor of a church basement to having to explain why anyone could possibly be protesting “health care”, to shuffling through the crowded streets of D.C. in shoes that are just a little too big, we must find rest in the uncomfortable. Even seeing governmental leaders invite us into the March with their testimonies and encouragement was God tapping me on the shoulder whispering “you’re not alone in this fight.”

Every year I think that my voice won’t matter enough for me to get myself all the way to D.C. since there are thousands of others representing me there. Yet, once I was standing there surrounded by a group of people sharing nothing but love, happiness, prayer, and understanding. I realize that my voice is just one more needed to head towards victory. I believe we will see an end to abortion in my lifetime. I long to be able to say to my children and grandchildren that I’ve done everything I could to help save lives. These are moments of history in the making. These are movements that are propelled by our faith.

I’ve been greatly privileged to travel the world with the Cowboy Catholics. I’ve always come home from these trips feeling deeply inspired by the work God is calling us to experience and bring back to all areas of the world. Especially to bring Him into our corner of Lake Charles, Louisiana. The work doesn’t stop in these grand moments of life. Our ministry is bringing God back into even the littlest every day moments. My prayer upon returning home is to keep all of these things true. To not just march thousands of miles away from home, but to continue marching towards God every day.